Monday, August 25, 2008

Threading in IronRuby (Part 1)

I couldn't find much at all on the Web about threading in IronRuby. Here's a little introduction to some basic threading in IronRuby.

In contrast to Ruby's less than ideal threading model (which is to change in 1.9), .NET has a rich threading model that we can tap into using IronRuby. We can create a new thread in IronRuby in the same way that we do in MRI Ruby: { puts "child thread" }

In IronRuby, however, we're not talking "green" threads. Instead, we get a real .NET thread as demonstrated in this example:
require "mscorlib"
include System::Threading

puts "##{Thread.current_thread.managed_thread_id} is the main thread."
# #1 is the main thread. { puts "##{Thread.current_thread.managed_thread_id} is a child thread." }
# #3 is a child thread.

You may have noticed that we didn't have to do anything to launch the thread. This is undesirable if you need to, for instance, start a thread as a background thread. Since the default value for the IsBackground property is false, the thread in the example above runs as a foreground thread. If your thread runs long enough, you can do this:
require "mscorlib"
include System::Threading

t = { Thread.sleep 1000 }
puts "t.is_background = #{t.is_background}"
# t.is_background = false

t.is_background = true
puts "t.is_background = #{t.is_background}"
# t.is_background = true

Use of will probably suffice in only the simplest situations. IronRuby supports more advanced threading scenarios and we'll get started on that in the next post in this series!

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