Saturday, August 9, 2008

Get Going Quickly with F# and ASP.NET MVC

Want a quick way to get going with F# and ASP.NET MVC?
  1. Start a new MVC project.
  2. Add an F# project to your solution with a source file in it.
  3. Set the project type for your F# project to dll.
  4. Set the output path to the bin folder of your MVC project.
  5. Add a namespace declaration to your F# source file. The namespace must match your MVC project's namespace, for example, MvcApplication1.Controllers.
  6. Write a controller in F# and compile your F# project.
  7. Reference your F# output in your MVC project.
If everything's wired up correctly, you can visit the appropriate URL in your browser and your F# controller will get called!

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