Sunday, July 20, 2008

Terrarium 2 & F#

The Terrarium project was recently updated and added to Codeplex as Terrarium 2. I attempted to run through the tutorial that comes with the SDK using F#. I did so with some trepidation because the "What is Terrarium" document warns us that support for other .NET languages is conditional on certain security features that are enforced by Terrarium. Some of the things that are disallowed by Terrarium are static methods, threading calls, and deconstructors.

I had no luck getting the tutorial to run in F#. I always end up with either an exception on birth or a security violation. I was, however, able to get an F# creature to appear in my Terrarium after I stripped it down to just a shell of an Animal. But that's not very interesting is it?

More to come on this as language support improves (something the SDK mentions will get better)!

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Brad Williams said...

Hi Ray, this is Brad from way back in OPAR -- imagine coming across your name in an F# blog. :-) Send me an email sometime, I'm bradw2k on gmail.